Christan Bosley

Meet Christan: President & Broker of Record


How did you get into Real Estate?

Bosley Real Estate is a fourth-generation family business.  My journey into real estate was influenced by my father, who ran the company before me.  Originally, I aspired to become a lawyer,and I am thankful every day that I chose a different path.  I obtained my real estate license while in university and started selling in 2007.  Prior to that, I worked in various positionswithin the company, gaining valuable experience in front desk operations, marketing, and administration.  After 12 years of successful sales, I transitioned into a management role. I managed one of the company’s smaller branches and was responsible for training new realtors joining the team.  Today, I serve as the President and Broker of Record, overseeing the entire company.

What is the most satisfying part of running your own business?

There are so many aspects of running your own business that are both satisfying and challenging. To me. the most satisfying part is that I get to choose who I work with every day! It’s rewardingto work with amazing people and witness their teamwork and success.  

How would you describe your business philosophy and service?

Our philosophy has been passed down through many generations and is very clear: It is to have fun and make money, and if it’s not fun, we’re going to change it!  The defining difference at Bosley is that we not only have a lot of fun, but wealso work very hard and have high expectations of our full-timeprofessionals.

How would you describe yourself to the INDUSTREE group?

I have been reflecting a lot on that question in preparation for our conversation.  I have put a lot of effort into my mental and emotional growth, particularly in my leadership style and how I interpret the everyday stress of running a business.  I work very hard to be open with the people I work with and my agents. Icreate a sense of belonging for people and when we speak, I strive to make them feel valued in the experience. I love beingchallenged and welcome conversations that push me to grow.  I am known for my transparency and honesty – sometimes to a fault.  However, I believe in providing straightforward answers even when they are difficult to hear at times.

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Sophie Solomon

Meet Sophie: Real estate broker

Engel & Völkers

Dionne Witter

Meet Dionne: real estate agent


How did you get into real estate?

I ventured into real estate after experiencing a downsizing at my previous job. Recognizing the dissatisfaction in my current profession, I decided to transition into a career where I could make a more profound impact on others while enjoying unlimited income potential. The aspiration to become a realtor had always lingered within me, but I only allowed myself to pursue it actively after my termination from my previous position.

What is the most satisfying part of running your own business?

I find profound satisfaction in crafting a life that harmonizes with my fundamental values. I love building a life that genuinely reflects my core values. Running my own business has ups and downs, but I embrace the challenges and keep growing. It’s not just a job – it’s a journey filled with resilience, adaptability, and staying true to myself. All of these make this venture a profession and a profoundly fulfilling passion. As my tagline implies, I am More Than a Realtor.

 How would you describe your business philosophy and service?

My business philosophy centers around being a consultant, inspiring others to transition to the next phase of their journey, both professionally as a realtor and personally. I aim to achieve this through a service infused with passion, purpose, and the sheer joy of making a positive impact.


 How would you describe yourself to the INDUSTREE group?

I identify as a boutique realtor, offering bespoke services that make each client feel personally attended to. My approach is characterized by the ability to create an environment where others feel genuinely comfortable and respected, fostering lasting relationships. Recognizing that real estate is inherently a people-oriented business, I understand it extends beyond mere transactions. My role is to show up and provide genuine value consistently. I maintain an organic authenticity, staying true to myself in every interaction.

Marzia Pizzoferrato

Meet Marzia: Property manager


 How did you get into real estate?
My family inspired me!! They immigrated to Canada from Argentina and Italy
in the late 60’s.  At that time my second eldest uncle saw opportunities in Real Estate
which led to our families success to this day. That’s 40+ years of combined experience
and knowledge in helping families like us set a financial anchor in this country. 
 What is the most satisfying part of running your own business?
Flexibility, Challenging myself everyday to be and do better, Living up to Standards
of Care that I set.  My Clients and I are able to flow together without rigidity. 
My mind is also free to be creative without parameters. 
 How would you describe your business philosophy and service?
    Always treat your Clients and Team with Care, Integrity and Respect.
    Think of what’s best for them just as you would do for yourself and your family.

 How would you describe yourself to the INDUSTREE group?

     Child of God, Wife, Mother, Grandmother, Sister, Friend …
     Business Entrepreneur, Creative Thinker, Visionary, Dreamer.
     Helping People Build Wealth and Live Their Dream. 

We offer a full spectrum of services including: everyday property maintenance, screening and placing Tenants, marketing, accounting, ensuring that Landlords are complying with current legislations, preparing Lease agreements and more.  We can customize our services to your needs and offer a la Carte services for shorter time periods.

Jason Palmer

Meet Jason: Founder

Palmer Demolition

 How did you get into the Demolition business?
I got into the Demolition industry through a friend of my brothers who owns a Demolition Company. I still remember my first day on site being an unapologetic, ambitious,19-year-old who would always find a way to ask the right questions without any hesitation. Let’s just say to be specific I wanted to know who everybody was genuinely, starting from the bottom and working my way to the top. I believe that attitude created Palmer Demolition. 
Let’s just say I bumped into a lot of the right people by doing that.  
Big up to the Benvenuto group for giving me a CHANCE. That was the day I started believing that I could be an entrepreneur and start making social and economic changes in my community. 
 What is the most satisfying part of running your business? 
Freedom!  and the ability to create, and grow something that has no finish line. 
 How would you describe your business philosophy and service?
That’s an easy one! In the same way, I would define my philosophy in life as love-wisdom, never complacent, and finding new ways to help your staff evolve and empower them to feel exactly how you feel. 
 How would you describe yourself to the INDUSTREE group? 
It’s so hard for me to define myself because the wheels keep on spinning.  But If I was to try I would say I’m just a fun-loving guy whose ambition, continues to be his stepping stone in life.  
What inspired you to create the Industree platform? 
I’m just that guy that likes to bring the best together. I like high vibes, I like style, I like impeccable taste. Industry is a collective of organizations that are going to be bringing that to the table. It’s a high-class Business Directory of morals and respect for everybody. 

Over the past 12 years, PALMER Demolition has grown to become a leader in the deconstruction industry in Toronto, GTA, and the surrounding areas. Our skill, expertise and attention to detail and service have made us a top choice for anyone needing home or commercial demolition. Our job is to clear away the old to make room for your future space. We take pride in our role in this process, and ensure that your space is meticulously taken care of, to allow for a clean slate in the next phase of your design process.

Damien Dupuis

Meet Damien: General Contractor

Craftsman Modern Homes

How did you get into contracting?

I’ve always loved houses and Architecture, and Design..My father was an artist and my mother sold real estate…I grew up in a big old Victorian full of art. I took all the drafting classes I could in high school and even went to industrial design summer camp! I spent my 20s working as a prop stylist and set decorator…eventually deciding to move away from film and start building the real thing.  I went to George Brown Building Technologies as a mature student and then worked for other contractors for about two years before going out on my own.  My first job was a $300 railing repair on the porch.  Fifteen years later we have four employees, two full home remodels and a King St. resto-bar on the go.  We’ve come a long way but we’re still growing, always for looking for bigger and more challenging projects.

What do you think about the New Testament gear? 

I thought the New Testament gear was great.  The comfortable fabric, tailoring, and attention to detail make the fit super versatile.  The perfect combination of Athleisure, streetwear, and quiet luxury.

 What is the most satisfying part of running your own business?
The most satisfying aspect of running my own business  is probably the sense of accomplishment I feel – especially after completing a successful project.
 How would you describe your business philosophy and service?
As a design/build firm, Craftsman Modern focuses on quality, function, and aesthetics.   For us, sustainability means building spaces that people will use and enjoy for a very long time. 
 How would you describe yourself to the INDUSTREE group?
Hardworking and passionate about houses. 

The Craftsman Modern team is led by Damien Dupuis. Pursuing a lifelong passion for design, Damien spent his early career as an art director and prop stylist in the film industry. Later, after graduating from the Building Technician program at George Brown College (Dean’s Honours), then apprenticing with master builders, Craftsman Modern was formed. Damien combines his passion and expertise to execute discerning visions, building to the highest standards. Damien’s work has been featured in House and Home, Design Lines, Toronto Life, the Globe and Mail, and seen on HGTV in Backyard Builds and Leave it to Bryan.


Child of God, Wife, Mother, Grandmother, Sister, Friend ...      Business Entrepreneur, Creative Thinker, Visionary, Dreamer.      Helping People Build Wealth and Live Their Dream. 

Marzia Pizzoferrato: Property manager