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Jason Palmer


Over the past 12 years, PALMER Demolition has grown to become a leader in the deconstruction industry in Toronto, GTA, and the surrounding areas. Our skill, expertise and attention to detail and service have made us a top choice for anyone needing home or commercial demolition. Our job is to clear away the old to make room for your future space. We take pride in our role in this process, and ensure that your space is meticulously taken care of, to allow for a clean slate in the next phase of your design process.

"Anybody can see the beauty of construction but it takes a refined eye to see the beauty of demolition."

1. How did you get into the Demolition business?
I got into the Demolition (indus-tree) through a friend of my brothers who owns a Demolition Company. I still remember my first day on site being an unapologetic, ambitious,19-year-old who would always find a way to ask the right questions without any hesitation. Let’s just say, to be specific; I wanted to know who everybody was genuinely. Starting from the bottom and working my way up.
I believe that attitude created Palmer Demolition. 
Let’s just say I bumped into a lot of the right people by doing that (being respectful of others).  
Big up to the Benvenuto group for giving me a CHANCE. That was the day I started believing that I could be an entrepreneur. That was when I felt, truly felt that I could help create social and economic changes in my community. 
2. What is the most satisfying part of running your business? 
Freedom!  and the ability to create, and grow something that has no finish line. 
3. How would you describe your business philosophy and service?
That’s an easy one! In the same way, I would define my philosophy in life as love-wisdom, never complacent, and finding new ways to help your staff evolve and empower them to feel exactly how you feel. I actually would be very happy if all my team became business people and we collaborated on projects together.
4. How would you describe yourself to the INDUSTREE group? 
It’s so hard for me to define myself because the wheels keep on spinning.  But If I was to try I would say I’m just a fun-loving guy whose ambition, continues to be his stepping stone in life.  I am a father of two amazing little children  which become my North Star.
5. What inspired you to create the Indus-tree platform? 
I’m just that guy that likes to bring the best together. I like high vibes, I like style, I like impeccable taste. Industree is a collective of organizations that are going to be bringing that to the table. It’s a high-class Business Directory of morals and respect for everybody. 
The other point is how things come full circle. I try to live a life that is as impeccable as I can, while making mistakes and this attitude caught the attention of the founder of KA MAGAZINE and he made a simple comment.
In his sage way simple and to the point he said. 
“Jason you do not have to ask someone’s permission to be kind to them, to give them a gift. Try finding a way to give and see what happens.”

you do not have to ask someone's permission to be kind to them, to give them a gift. Try finding a way to give and see what happens."