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100% family-owned. 100% Canadian. Bosley Real Estate has been setting the standard for client care and exemplary results for almost a century.

INDUSTREE feature: Christan Bosley


How does a company look after almost a century in real estate. If BOSLEY REALESTATE is any indicator. With close to 300 agents and a global connection of partners. The answer is good, really good. We sit down with the lovely leader of the next phase of the BOSLEY legacy. Christan Bosley. (interview video coming soon)

Jason Palmer (left) Palmer Demolition seated with Damien Dupuis: General Contractor - Craftsman Modern Homes

I'm just that guy that likes to bring the best together. I like high vibes, I like style, I like impeccable taste. Industree is a collective of organizations that are going to be bringing that to the table. It's a high-class Business Directory of ethics and respect for everybody. 


Damien Dupuis: General Contractor - CRAFTSMANMODERN

How did you get into contracting?

I’ve always loved houses and Architecture, and Design..My father was an artist and my mother sold real estate…I grew up in a big old Victorian full of art. I took all the drafting classes I could in high school and even went to industrial design summer camp! I spent my 20s working as a prop stylist and set decorator…eventually deciding to move away from film and start building the real thing.  I went to George Brown Building Technologies as a mature student and then worked for other contractors for about two years before going out on my own.  My first job was a $300 railing repair on the porch.  Fifteen years later we have four employees, two full home remodels and a King St. resto-bar on the go.  We’ve come a long way but we’re still growing, always for looking for bigger and more challenging projects.

What do you think about the New Testament gear? 

I thought the New Testament gear was great.  The comfortable fabric, tailoring, and attention to detail make the fit super versatile.  The perfect combination of Athleisure, streetwear, and quiet luxury.


Sophie Solomon - Real estate broker: Engel & Völkers

"The idea of combining all the different aspect in this Indus-tree is brilliant actually and very timely."


I really appreciate the fact that this is a space where both men and women are equally represented, based on the quality of work and not gender. Bravo INDUSTREE


My family inspired me!! They immigrated to Canada from Argentina and Italyin the late 60’s.  At that time my second eldest uncle saw opportunities in Real Estatewhich led to our families success to this day. That’s 40+ years of combined experienceand knowledge in helping families like us set a financial anchor in this country. 

"Have fun and give thanks each and every day. This is my way of life. "

Jason Palmer


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